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Vicki Quelch - Gym Owner/Membership Manager/Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer

i'm confident i will help you achieve your goals, push you to your limit and make you look and feel great! Live life in the active lane. Little active steps taken today, lead to giant progress strides tomorrow! Together we will achieve you goals while making each session fun and different! 

Daniel Quelch - Personal Trainer

Rebecca Lowe - Personal Trainer

I absolutely LOVE all things fitness. I'm incredibly passionate about what I do, my clients and bringing exercise into people's lives. I have been working as a freelance personal trainer and getting muddy in all weathers as a bootcamp instructor. I am a keen runner and swimmer and regularly attend a wide variety of classes. I also have a particular passion for HIIT. 

My experiences with fitness began a few years ago. I had been suffering from crippling mental health problems that made almost every aspect of my life challenging. I had tried no end of treatment but struggled to function. Then I discovered exercise and for the first time in ages I was doing something that made me feel good and gave me a focus and a drive. While it would be wrong to claim it alone was the cure for me, it helped me on my journey to recovery. I was healthier yes, but more importantly I was happier, stronger, more confident about my body, getting out the house and making friends with like minded people- things I hadn't done or felt in ages. It was this that made me want to share my passion with others, show them what exercise can do to change their lives and to help other people on their own journeys to becoming healthier, happier and more confident individuals. 

I see my job as a privilege because I get to meet such amazing individuals and see them achieve their goals and things which they themselves didn't think they could do. I have a wide range of qualifications which have allowed me to develop skills in a range of fitness disciplines, so whether you're starting out for the first time, have a health condition which could be improved by exercise or you're training for an event, I can help you on your way so come and join my classes or talk to me about personal training. I'm here to help and answer your fitness questions. so feel free to come and have a chat.

I wanted to give my last words to one of my clients as they've been where you are now, perhaps unsure about where to start or using the gym, and have been through the training process:

" You haven't experienced a work out until you've experience a Rebecca work out. She puts you through your paces, you wonder how you're going to do it but then you come out the other side, feeling so proud of yourself and what you've achieved and absolutely gagging for more." 

My qualifications: L2 Exercise to music, L2 gym, L3 personal trainer, L3 Outdoor fitness, Spinning instructor, Circuits Instructor, Blast and jump fx, L3 Sports specific conditioning, L3 Exercise Referral

Coming soon: L4 Obesity and diabetes specialist, Life coaching 

Fitness & Sport presenter. Personal trainer Jump, gym & Bootcamp classes. General awesomeness

Come join in the fun with me!!!
Bruce Lawler

Qualified personal trainer. I have been working out since the age of 15 and have loved it ever since I started! My goal is to get people to where they want to be and to get them loving sport and fitness as much as I do! I love helping people out and making them feel great about themselves. I am very outgoing and I am always up for a chat! If you see me around at either Clavering or Thaxted gym, don't hesitate to ask for help and tips on your workout and for details of personal training!